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    What are BIMManager Discussion Forums?

    Discussion are open so that those in the BIM Management arena can discuss items related to managing BIM tools. It is not necessarily for asking technical questions for how the products are used.

    Who can participate in discussions?

    All who find us can contribute. You just need to be registered first

    What should I post?

    You can share thoughts that you think will add to the discussion and help others that are interested in this management area, or start a conversation to learn from other managers experiences. For example:

  • Ask questions about a product and how it can be managed best
    Contribute product comparisons
    Look for guidance from other managers who have made similar purchases
    Get advice about how to deal with end users and upper management
    Share your experience with a process or procedure
  • What shouldn’t I post?

    Behave as if you were a guest in someones home or office. Please treat the community with respect. Do not post:

  • Profane or obscene, inflammatory or spiteful comments
    Messages that abuse, denigrate or threaten others
    Descriptions that intrude on the privacy of another person, including revealing personally identifiable information such as their name or address
    Text that promotes illegal or immoral conduct
    Repeated posts that make the same point excessively
    Repeated unwelcome messages that harass or embarrass other members or participants
    Repeated posts that promote a specific tool beyond what is appreciated
    Any form of “spam,” including advertisements, contests, job postings or other solicitations for other websites or companies.
  • Do not impersonate another person.

    We recommend that you do not post your phone number or e-mail address.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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