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I have long wanted Autodesk to suggest best practices…

Kyle Bernhardt of Autodesk wrote on his blog… under the heading of Required reading

Revit Platform 2009 Technical Notes – Direct from Autodesk

"it is a comprehensive paper that discusses best practices for optimal performance and productivity within the Revit 2009 family of products. It is required reading for all Revit users interested to know this information straight from the Product Teams themselves.

It is the result of a comprehensive effort among the Designers, Developers, Quality Assurance, Consulting, Customer Success Engineers, and Product Managers, and we are excited to get this information straight to users."

Some major topics that are discussed:

  • Project Structuring
  • Worksharing
  • Linked Files
  • Hardware Optimization
  • Large Model Performance

He list where you can get it – but it used to be a subscription only location. Now it is available to everyone.

Click here to see… Revit Platform 2009 Technical Notes

For more info – go to the AUGI thread that started this whole thing…

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