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Integrated Project Delivery

I have been involved with some IPD discussions lately with a couple of contractors.  It made me think about the mesh of BIM and IPD.

Not sure what IPD is yet.  Here are a couple of resources.

Integrated Project Delivery – A Working Definition

What is Integrated Project Delivery?


AIA Integrated Project Delivery – A Guide

BIM Manager Software and Projects Survey

I am looking for your input.

I am conducting a survey for a presentation that I am putting together
on BIM adoption to be presented at the Zweig White AEC Technology
Strategies 2009 Conference.

Here is the presentation outline…

The Reality of Building Information Modeling (BIM) Adoption: Who is
Using What, When and Why ?

There is a lot of hype from the software marketing machine about what
Building Information Modeling (BIM) means to the future of the AEC
industry. Determining the truth, from overblown promises can be
difficult. This session will take an honest look at which firms are
doing BIM, what software they are using, and what projects are being
created. Drawing on data from multiple industry surveys, the presenter
will give attendees some benchmarking matrices to help determine how
your firm stacks up against the competition.  If you have ever
wondered where your firm was in the race to BIM, then attend this
session to get a real glimpse into the reality of BIM Adoption.

Please take 5 minutes to complete the survey below.  If you are not
the “hands on” person managing BIM at your firm, please share this
with them for participation.  I will be sharing the results of the
survey with all of the participants that supply their email address at
the end of the surveys.

I will be comparing the results of this survey to one I did last year
to see comparative results and progress. Please complete the survey by
May 7th.


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