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Journal of BIM – Fourth Edition

Journal of Building Information Modeling

NIBS has published the next edition of their Journal.  It is the official publication of the National BIM Standard (NBIMS) and the National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS)

In the current Issue

JBIM Spring 2009 (PDF 4.6 MB, 52 pgs)

The fourth edition of the JBIM features:

* “The USC School of Cinematic Arts: The Arrival of Spring in the Facilities Industry”
* “The Legal Revolution in Construction”
* “Reducing Facility Management Costs Through Integration of COBIE and LEED – EB”
* “Where Does All This Information Belong?”
* “BIM – The GSA Story”
* “Amara’s Law: How BIMs Future Benefits Can be Measured Today”
* “BIM in Structural Engineering: A Current View of the Profession From one of the First National Surveys in 2008 of SE’s by a Non-Profit SE Organization”
* “Post Construction BIM Implementations and Facility Asset Management”
* “Building Information Models and Model Views – Part 3”
* “Nurturing BIM: Evolving Architectural Education”
* “Commercial Construction BIM Course Created for Academia”

Previous Issues

Download any JBIM below to read previous articles.

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* JBIM Fall 2008
* Spring 2008
* Fall 2007

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Reviewing your Revit Rollout

Are you in the middle of a Revit rollout?

If so you may want to do a checkup on where you stand.  Do a recap of your Revit implementation and see if you have made the proper progress for the time you have spent so far.

The economic factors that have come into play in many firms may have slowed you down.  You may not be able to purchase as much software as you expected.  There may be a slowdown in training plans.  There may be a reduction in your staff.  Have these effected your progress?

Planning that was done even in the last few months needs to be reviewed for milestone achievements.  Once you have done that you can rethink or re-energize your efforts.

It is time for a mid year or mid plan review.  Dig out your implementation plan and read it again.

Survey – BIM Functionalities and LEED

I received this info from Deke Smith of buildingSMART Alliance

Deke states… “I am excited that scholars are now beginning to do the research that we need to move our profession forward and I will continue to do all I can to support those efforts. Wei is also helping to re-establish the buildingSMART International chapter in China. My appreciation goes out to him for this effort also.”

The following survey is from Mr. Wei Wu, a PhD Candidate and LEED®-AP at the Rinker School of Building Construction, University of Florida.

This survey intends to investigate the possibility of using current BIM authoring tools to facilitate the LEED®-NC certification (LEED®-NC 2009) process, with emphasis on the data extraction and information exchange during the project delivery. As a proof of concept, the result of this survey will be incorporated into the author’s doctoral dissertation on BIM-for-Sustainability in more depth.

The survey will take around 30 minutes.

The survey is about the possible utilization of BIM functionalities to streamline the LEED certification process:


Five Fallacies Surrounding BIM – from Autodesk

Five Fallacies Surrounding BIM – an Autodesk White Paper

Autodesk published a white paper recently that looks a the “myths” of BIM embrace.  Take a look at what they discussed.

Here are five of the biggest misconceptions regarding BIM:

1. Productivity suffers during the transition to BIM.
2. BIM applications are difficult to learn.
3. BIM disrupts established workflows.
4. Owners and contractors benefit most from BIM—not the designer.
5. BIM increases risk.

Read the complete white paper here.

This info is now on Cadalyst website.

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