I received this info from Deke Smith of buildingSMART Alliance

Deke states… “I am excited that scholars are now beginning to do the research that we need to move our profession forward and I will continue to do all I can to support those efforts. Wei is also helping to re-establish the buildingSMART International chapter in China. My appreciation goes out to him for this effort also.”

The following survey is from Mr. Wei Wu, a PhD Candidate and LEED®-AP at the Rinker School of Building Construction, University of Florida.

This survey intends to investigate the possibility of using current BIM authoring tools to facilitate the LEED®-NC certification (LEED®-NC 2009) process, with emphasis on the data extraction and information exchange during the project delivery. As a proof of concept, the result of this survey will be incorporated into the author’s doctoral dissertation on BIM-for-Sustainability in more depth.

The survey will take around 30 minutes.

The survey is about the possible utilization of BIM functionalities to streamline the LEED certification process:



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