Table of contents for What should be Modeled?

  1. What should the Architect Model?

I am not extremely familiar with structural needs for Revit, but do have a list of what I think a project needs from the structural team.

I offer this as a starting point:

  • All cast-in-place and precast concrete, including all penetrations and openings identified in the record documents
  • All foundations systems
  • All primary and secondary structural steel members including standard steel member sizes, trusses, gusset plates and braces. Reinforcing steel and embeds will not be modeled. (Embeds and or reinforcing as necessary)
  • Concrete decks will be modeled as the overall thickness of the slab; ribs in metal decks will not be modeled.
  • Bolts, clip angles, etc. will not be modeled. Miscellaneous metals such as elevator hoist beams, rails and intermediate rail support steel for the elevator.
  • Identify reinforcing or penetration “no-fly” zones as applicable.
  • Load Bearing Masonry and Non-Load bearing CMU.

What do you think?  More?  Less?

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