Table of contents for What should be Modeled?

  1. What should the Architect Model?

What is needed in the model from Plumbing?

My starting points:

  • Piping including specialty gas, and equipment 2″ or greater. Smaller conduits, if in ganged runs, will be modeled. Pipes will be modeled to the outside diameter of the pipe or the pipe insulation, whichever is greater.
  • Pipe slope will be incorporated in the model. Fittings and connections will not be modeled.
  • All plumbing equipment will be modeled as generic forms to its overall height, width and depth.
  • All valves and clean outs will be modeled as general shapes along with all access to valves/cleanouts.
  • Any access zone requirements will be modeled.

More?  Less?  Let me know…

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