I asked this question on my BIM Manager Survey for 2010 and here are the results…

In 2008 37% of those who held a BIM title (like BIM Manager) said that they had a formal written Job Description.

In 2009 that number was reduced to 32.4%

The trend toward lower numbers continues in 2010 with only 29.3% of those responding saying that they had a formal written Job Description.

I think this trend might be caused by more people informally moving into BIM positions in firms that have not created job descriptions.  These people migrated into the position (or maybe were hired into other positions under other job descriptions).

My concern is that if this trend continues,the industry may miss an opportunity to define the role.  Without a generally accepted definition of this new BIM Manager position, there runs a risk of the position having such random application that it carries little weight on a resume or when advancing your career.

To see an example that I have created –  go here

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