How many BIM Managers are there?

I asked this question on my Annual BIM Survey and so did AUGI.  AUGI did its Salary Survey for 2010 and published the results in AUGIWorld magazine which you can see the full report here.

I want to zero in on the BIM Manager title to see how it has changed over the years.  I looked back to 2008, 2009 and 2010.

What the AUGI survey shows is that there is a larger and larger portion of managers who are starting to use the BIM Manager title.   In 2008 there were 131, then in 2009 there were 148 and finally in 2010 there were 258.  This is a showing that now 30% of the responders who define themselves as Managers are in BIM positions.  That is over 15% more than last year.

In my survey I asked for job titles and found that over 44% of those that used some form of a BIM title were defined as BIM Managers.

That compares to 43% last year and 41% in 2008.

The 33% that have some other form of title include things like:

CAD Manager
BIM Program Manager
BIM Technologist
Engineering IT Manager
Senior Design Software Analyst
BIM Implementation Specialist
BIM Specialist
Digital Design Manager
Design Systems Manager
Production Manager Revit

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