I asked about the purchasing process to see what level of influence BIM Managers might have in the purchasing process.

Almost half appear to work in a team environment to define software needs.  Another quarter of you have bottom line purchasing authority.

This is good news in that the decisions related to the software used in BIM is in the hands of those that oversee the processes and products of BIM.

When selecting software that enhances and supports BIM you should be working with others if you have anyone that can give you good input. Leaving others out of the process can hinder your effective selection of the right tools.  Take the time to talk to others.

If you are providing input to others keep the conversation going.  Don’t let the ones making the decision do it without your input.  Keep talking to them when they ask and even when they don’t ask.  Keep  searching and finding new tools and letting others know what you find.

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