Moving to the exact definitions of what goes in where and when, lets take a look at an example Level of Detail (or Development) doc that shows what you need to define.


Click on this to open it.

You will see that we have the Element type followed by columns for the Level of Detail by Phase (Conceptual thru CA).

Taking the first line – Walls – we see that in the conceptual phase we add detail at the 300 level.  Looking at the Categories doc from the last post we find that 300 is “Out of the box content”.  So you would add walls using OOTB content until you get to DD phase or beyond, where you would go back and create custom content as outlined under Category 400.

Moving down to Clerestory elements for the next example.  It uses 200 (fake content) and then moves to 300 ans then to 400 in CD phase and allows for manufacturing content (500) if desired.

So creating a list of all the content that might be in a model and then assigning a value to that content at a specific phase can help your team know what to do when.  The only thing left is to define Who controls that element.

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