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Free BIM class from Bentley

BIM in Program Management and Integrated Design

SPEAKER: Shawn Foster, Jacobs Global Buildings

This session shares information on how Jacobs Engineering uses Building Information Modeling (BIM) to fulfill design requirements on a USACE design program, specifically the Battle Command Training Center (BCTC) program. The presentation showcases how a standard collaborative design approach used across multiple building types of BCTCs enabled previous design successes and ideas to be more readily applied to the next project.

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FREE Training – from Bentley

This is an opportunity for some free online training…

Here is the information they provided to me…

Venue/Location: Live and OnDemand Formats
Date: Starting June 23, 2009 through November 30, 2009
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Bentley Systems’ Be Connected online seminar series gives architects, engineers, builders, geospatial professionals, and owner-operators a chance to learn about applying information modelling from some of the world’s leading infrastructure practitioners.

The conference series begins on June 23, is free of charge, in both live and OnDemand formats, and takes the place of this year’s Be Conference.

Be Connected offers two types of online seminars:

1) Best Practices Seminars. Presented by leading infrastructure professionals around the globe, these sessions bring a project perspective on best practices for the design, construction, and operation of specific types of infrastructure projects, including a series of seminars on each of the following: bridges, cadastre and land development, communications, electric and gas utilities, high performance buildings, mining and metals, oil and gas, rail and transit, roads, and water and wastewater.

2) Product Seminars. Presented by Bentley’s product executives and designed for both current and prospective users, these technology-focused sessions demonstrate the latest features and capabilities of Bentley’s comprehensive V8i software portfolio for sustaining infrastructure.

Interview with Bentley

I had a chance at the end of last year to have a virtual interview with Ed Mueller, Chief Marketing Officer of Bentley Systems. It was in the form of questions and answers via email.

Here you go…

There is a big push toward BIM. What is Bentley doing to advance this push?

Our BIM software empowers the design, construction, and operation of all types of buildings and facilities around the world, from the conventional to some of the most inspiring projects of our time. Because BIM has become a new way to approach the design and documentation of building projects, distributed teams can now share information more effectively throughout the building lifecycle and make better-informed decisions.

While CAD has served the AEC community valuably for decades, it has largely been used as an aid to documentation. BIM builds on the capabilities of CAD through discipline-specific applications that inform and enhance design, construction, and operations as well. BIM not only manages graphics, but also information that allows the automatic generation of drawings and reports, design analysis, schedule simulation, and facilities management.

For example, the Bentley Architecture BIM application provides seamless integration across the lifecycle of facilities. Its ability to support multidisciplinary workgroups and global teams allows them to build as one and gain a distinct advantage over stand-alone applications.

In addition, our BIM software includes energy analysis and simulation tools for high-performance building design. Our Hevacomp and Tas products accurately predict a building’s energy consumption, CO2 emissions, operating costs, and occupant comfort. By offering a comprehensive suite of industry-leading BIM and energy simulation tools, Bentley is able to provide today’s professionals with these capabilities and more, facilitating the productive delivery of sustainable high-performance buildings.

Bentley’s GenerativeComponents enables designers to explore more possibilities, in less time, create better designs, and efficiently create and manage complex geometric relationships. Empowered by computational methods, designers can direct their creativity to deliver inspired sustainable buildings that are freer in form and use innovative materials and assemblies. GenerativeComponents facilitates this by allowing the quick exploration of a broad range of “what-if” alternatives for even the most complex buildings
To inform decisions, GenerativeComponents is integrated with BIM, analysis, and simulation software, providing feedback on building materials, assemblies, systems performance, and environmental conditions. This integration also ensures that intent becomes reality by enabling designs to accurately and efficiently flow through to detailed production and fabrication.

Many firms are working in mixed environments or working with others who have differing CAD/BIM software. How is Bentley making the transfer of data between systems better?

With global economic uncertainty and ever-increasing shortfalls in engineering resources being just two of the challenges facing infrastructure organizations today, there has never been a more pressing time for innovative technology. It is imperative and, indeed, a responsibility to provide our users with the capabilities they need to increase their cost-efficiencies and maximize the returns on their investments in innovation.

Therefore, critical advantages of the V8i portfolio include intraoperability and interoperability. Together, they enable broader reuse of project and asset information generated during the design, construction, and operation of infrastructure, and enhance the ability of project teams to choose among multiple software offerings.

The intraoperability occurs across and between tightly coupled V8i products without loss of information. The interoperability occurs across necessarily distributed projects where participants can now increase their choice of software offerings from Bentley, and be loosely but usefully coupled with the work of other practitioners using software based on DGN, PDF, DWG, ISO 15926, IFC, and other industry standards and related APIs.

Bentley Revit Plugin for MicroStation and Bentley Architecture

Introduction to the Bentley Revit© Plugin for MicroStation and Bentley Architecture

The Bentley Revit Plugin allows you to save your Revit models in a way that lets you open them up in MicroStation or Bentley Building products, retaining most of the Revit properties information from your Revit model. The Plugin is designed to help teams working in a mixed Revit/Bentley environment to be able to get Revit models into a MicroStation based design workflow for coordination purposes, interference detection and similar.

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