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BIM Process Map

Here is an example BIM Process Map.  It shows the high level processes and handshakes that must occur during a BIM job.

BIM Process

More BIM Manager 2009 Survey Results

Here are some additional survey results…

The first question below is about the average size of the project team that firms are using for BIM development.  This confirms the gneral feeling evidence that teams can and are actually smaller for BIM projects than traditional CAD.

BIM Survey 2009-4

When asked how long their firms had been using BIM, the results show that most are on track with progressing along the BIM adoption path.

BIM Survey 2009-5

Revit and NavisWorks are the overwhelming winners when firms purchase tools for BIM.

BIM Survey 2009-6

Now for the real question that I am looking for…  how much of yuour work is dont in BIM?  The numbers may be lower than you expect.

BIM Survey 2009-7

CAD Manager vs BIM Manager

The 2008 Annual AUGI Salary Survey ask for people to state their job title.  Below is the results of that survey as it relates to CAD Managers and BIM Managers.


CAD Managers outweigh BIM Managers by almost 90%.  The number of people who responded and said that their job title was BIM Manager was dramatically lower.  I am curious if BIM Managers just did not respond to the survey or if the number is that much lower.

Here is a link to the full survey .

What do you think?


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