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Revit Architectural Keyboard Shortcuts

Ever forget one of those Keyboard Shortcuts

The extensive list of shortcuts can be daunting when you first start using Revit. Some of the commands are easy to remember, but others may not stick in your mind as easily.

I put together this list to help you get the most out of that keyboard you use every day.

Revit Arch ShortCuts sorted alphabetically with location

Revit Arch ShortCuts sorted alphabetically – Quick View

Revit Arch ShortCuts sorted by where they appear on the interface

Revit Arch ShortCuts that appear on the Ribbon

Revit Arch ShortCuts sorted by Tool Name

Five Fallacies Surrounding BIM – from Autodesk

Five Fallacies Surrounding BIM – an Autodesk White Paper

Autodesk published a white paper recently that looks a the “myths” of BIM embrace.  Take a look at what they discussed.

Here are five of the biggest misconceptions regarding BIM:

1. Productivity suffers during the transition to BIM.
2. BIM applications are difficult to learn.
3. BIM disrupts established workflows.
4. Owners and contractors benefit most from BIM—not the designer.
5. BIM increases risk.

Read the complete white paper here.

This info is now on Cadalyst website.

BIM Manager Job Description

Developed with a lot of input from a lot of people…

Here is an example BIM Manager Job Description.

Check it out here

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