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Vico – BIM Model Progression Specification

How much detail do you add to the BIM  model  at each step of the project…

Vico provides some input on this subject.

From the Vico site…

The MPS is a language that owners, designers, and builders can use to define every element and task in the building construction process.  It serves as a coordination point for information about the building, what is being modeled, and to what level of detail it is being modeled, estimated, and scheduled.  It provides the efficient framework for the project stakeholders – a written checklist that matures from a very schematic level of detail to a high level of detail in terms of 3D geometry, cost, and time.

You can download the document after you provide them with some contact info.

Revit Templates and Libraries

The November 2008 edition of the Revit templates and libraries is available

Release 2009 – Web Update #3 – November 2008

To browse and download content provided in both metric and imperial units, visit .


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