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2010 Mid-Continent MicroStation Community Conference

Registration for the 2010 Mid-Continent MicroStation Community Conference is now open! Be sure to register soon to qualify for our early registration discount.

More info on my other site.

Navisworks 2010

I attended an AIA sponsored local chapter event where Autodesk NavisWorks was presented by USCAD (who happens to be my reseller).  Ray Dube (sales) and Joel Beckham (technical) presented the topic.

Navisworks has four products that make up the family.

  • Navisworks Manage provides the main product to coordinate multiple models to keep all stakeholders on the same page and provide for clash detection.
  • Navisworks Simulate may be used by those that do not need clash detection, but adds 4D schedule simulation.
  • Navisworks Review is for visualization and exploration of the model.
  • Navisworks Freedom is the free viewer product.

NWD is the file format that Navisworks saves in.  Some of the tools also read 3D DWF files.  It also opens DWG, DGN, 3DS files, SketchUp, point cloud files, IFC, IGES (remember that?) STL files and more.  There are also opens Navisworks NDF ( files sets) and NWC (cache file)

Navisworks is not an authoring tool.  You do not create geometry in NW.   Opening the first file sets the scale that others will be referenced to.  It handles a large amount of data. Interestingly enough, it does  not open native Revit files.  You have to save it out as DWG or use tools that export directly from Revit to Navis native formats.

Embedded in NW are workspaces that give you additional tools. These are similar to workspaces in other products. It just shows or hides tools.

There is a walk tool that allows you to move about your model.  Gravity tools are there that mimic the dynamics of what would happen in the real world.  If you walk off a ledge, you will fall.  There is also a collision tool that limits your ability to walk through walls.  The familiar “steering wheel” is in there also.

The Presenter module allows you to include materials, lighting, “real people” and more.  Animations are also possible with enhanced features with the Animator module.

As far as clash detection, NW does an area or clearance check around an object.  Revit does hard clashes, when two objects actually touch.  NW goes beyond that and allows for clearances.  By setting selection sets based on object names, the demo quickly showed the number of clashes and let you quickly zoom to the objects.  You can even output a report showing information and images of the clashes.

To enhance the ability to uncover clashes, they appear in red.  There is also a sectioning tool that allows you to slice up the model for easy viewing.

Timeliner allows you to connect time to the display af your model to simulate that projects construction timeline.  As the items are scheduled for construction,they will appear on screen.  This can be combined with an Animation path and saved as an animation.

The demo was fairly good in presenting the Navisworks functions.  Glad I attended.

FREE Training – from Bentley

This is an opportunity for some free online training…

Here is the information they provided to me…

Venue/Location: Live and OnDemand Formats
Date: Starting June 23, 2009 through November 30, 2009
Register Now by visiting

Bentley Systems’ Be Connected online seminar series gives architects, engineers, builders, geospatial professionals, and owner-operators a chance to learn about applying information modelling from some of the world’s leading infrastructure practitioners.

The conference series begins on June 23, is free of charge, in both live and OnDemand formats, and takes the place of this year’s Be Conference.

Be Connected offers two types of online seminars:

1) Best Practices Seminars. Presented by leading infrastructure professionals around the globe, these sessions bring a project perspective on best practices for the design, construction, and operation of specific types of infrastructure projects, including a series of seminars on each of the following: bridges, cadastre and land development, communications, electric and gas utilities, high performance buildings, mining and metals, oil and gas, rail and transit, roads, and water and wastewater.

2) Product Seminars. Presented by Bentley’s product executives and designed for both current and prospective users, these technology-focused sessions demonstrate the latest features and capabilities of Bentley’s comprehensive V8i software portfolio for sustaining infrastructure.

Complimentary BIM Webinar from RCMS

Not sure how good this will be – but I fugured I would let you know about it…

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is being used on a rapidly growing number of projects by the AEC industry’s key players. This complimentary webinar will have representatives from every AEC segment – architects, engineers, owners, general contractors, and building product manufacturers – all with different insight as to how they are adopting and leveraging this emerging technology.

January 15, 2009 / 1:00 PM EST

Find out more here…

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