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Journal of BIM – from NIBS

Here is a list of the Journals (links to the NIBS site)

Vico – BIM Model Progression Specification

How much detail do you add to the BIM  model  at each step of the project…

Vico provides some input on this subject.

From the Vico site…

The MPS is a language that owners, designers, and builders can use to define every element and task in the building construction process.  It serves as a coordination point for information about the building, what is being modeled, and to what level of detail it is being modeled, estimated, and scheduled.  It provides the efficient framework for the project stakeholders – a written checklist that matures from a very schematic level of detail to a high level of detail in terms of 3D geometry, cost, and time.

You can download the document after you provide them with some contact info.

The Business Value of BIM – Report from McGraw Hill

McGraw-Hill Construction Smart Market Report for 2009 – Sep 25 2009

“The latest SmartMarket Report of which buildingSMART alliance was a sponsor is now available.  This report “The Business Value of BIM” is the most extensive one to date and demonstrates a dramatic increase in the number of people using BIM and the benefits they are receiving.”


So much more in the report…

Here is the link – 4 meg PDF file

History of Computer Design Tools

Good recap of the History of Computer Design Tools from hand to CAD to BIM…

Will this be the major change that everyone is thinking it will be?

Give it a quick read.

BIM 101 Overview – From Hand Drawings, CAD and now BIM from Reed Construction Data

Journal of BIM – Fourth Edition

Journal of Building Information Modeling

NIBS has published the next edition of their Journal.  It is the official publication of the National BIM Standard (NBIMS) and the National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS)

In the current Issue

JBIM Spring 2009 (PDF 4.6 MB, 52 pgs)

The fourth edition of the JBIM features:

* “The USC School of Cinematic Arts: The Arrival of Spring in the Facilities Industry”
* “The Legal Revolution in Construction”
* “Reducing Facility Management Costs Through Integration of COBIE and LEED – EB”
* “Where Does All This Information Belong?”
* “BIM – The GSA Story”
* “Amara’s Law: How BIMs Future Benefits Can be Measured Today”
* “BIM in Structural Engineering: A Current View of the Profession From one of the First National Surveys in 2008 of SE’s by a Non-Profit SE Organization”
* “Post Construction BIM Implementations and Facility Asset Management”
* “Building Information Models and Model Views – Part 3”
* “Nurturing BIM: Evolving Architectural Education”
* “Commercial Construction BIM Course Created for Academia”

Previous Issues

Download any JBIM below to read previous articles.

Go to this site

* JBIM Fall 2008
* Spring 2008
* Fall 2007

SmartMarket Report on Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Just released on Dec. 1, 2008

I knew this was being updated…  I loved the last one and now there is more up to date info.  I wish I had seen this before AU…

From their website…

Building Information Modeling (BIM): Transforming Design and Construction to Achieve Greater Industry Productivity is a 45-page printed report (available as hard copy or PDF) that examines the results of research conducted by McGraw-Hill Construction Analytics regarding perceptions among BIM users about BIM adoption, implementation, value and impact within their firms. The study sheds light on the role of BIM in reshaping the way project teams work together in today’s industry.

Click Here to go to the intro page

Thanks to Steve Jones for letting me know about this… from his comment on this site…

Thanks for talking about the 2007 report but there’s a brand new one about BIM -its free at many websites including this one:

Steve Jones
McGraw-Hill Construction

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