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BIM Manager Survey 2010 – Who decides what to buy?

I asked about the purchasing process to see what level of influence BIM Managers might have in the purchasing process.

Almost half appear to work in a team environment to define software needs.  Another quarter of you have bottom line purchasing authority.

This is good news in that the decisions related to the software used in BIM is in the hands of those that oversee the processes and products of BIM.

When selecting software that enhances and supports BIM you should be working with others if you have anyone that can give you good input. Leaving others out of the process can hinder your effective selection of the right tools.  Take the time to talk to others.

If you are providing input to others keep the conversation going.  Don’t let the ones making the decision do it without your input.  Keep talking to them when they ask and even when they don’t ask.  Keep  searching and finding new tools and letting others know what you find.

BIM Manager Survey 2010 – What Software do you Oversee?

When asked what software the participants oversee (with multiple choices allowed) I got the following feedback:

As you can see Revit is in use the most and NavisWorks is right behind (although it is not a creation tool).

I would expect that my audience is mostly Autodesk based and that these results lean toward that perspective, but the sharp drop in usage of other tools does reflect what I have seen in other surveys.

BIM Manager Survey 2010 – How long have you had a BIM Job Title?

I asked how long the respondent had the designation and BIM title.  I wanted an idea on the longevity of those that were overseeing BIM.


You can see that some have been doing this for up to 5 years and many have just started taking on new titles.

When looking back at 2009 and 2008…



2009 had the largest portion in the 1-2 year zone as did 2008.  69% had two years or less with a BIM title in 2009 and 78% in 2008.

So we are seeing longevity starting to display itself in the designations and titles given to those overseeing BIM.



BIM Manager Survey 2010 – Titles and more

When I asked about the Titles that those in BIM had, I got various titles beyond the ones I asked about.

Here are some of the ones I received:

CAD Manager

BIM Program Manager

BIM Technologist

Engineering IT Manager

Senior Design Software Analyst

BIM Implementation Specialist

BIM Specialist

Digital Design Manager

Design Systems Manager

Production Manager Revit

With this kind of spread and breadth of titles, it concerns me that there is not a narrowing and more formalized way of selecting a title for staffers in BIM.

BIM Manager Survey 2010 – Titles

The range of Titles that people have seems to be all over the map over the last few years and continues to be that way.

In 2009 there were 43.8% of staffers with the BIM Manager title and in 2008 there were 41.7%

What has gone up is the randomness of title for those that view themselves as overseeing BIM.  While 2008 had only 19.4% having random titles which moved up to 27.4% in 2009 and then went up to the 33.3% you see now.  That means that 1/3 of those working in a BIM oversight roll have random titles that may not transfer from one firm to another.

What Percentage of your Projects are in BIM? – 2010 Survey Results

The 2010 BIM Survey that I undertook was to prep for a class and to just see what the industry was doing.

One of the questions I wanted to address was related to the percentage of projects that firms had in BIM.  I wanted to find out not just how many, but how much of their work was actually being done in BIM.

The results showed that in 2010, a little more than 25% of the users responding showed that they were working less than 20% of their projects in BIM.  So if we think about 100 firms that would mean that 25 of them had less than 20% in BIM.

Fifty percent (50%) responded that they are actually working over 60% of their projects in BIM.  That is up from just 30% last year.  In 2008 the percentage was 37% (which I think indicated some early adopter, large firms responding at the high end)

Comparing all this to 2009 and 2008, I see steady rise in projects moving toward BIM.

Click on the image to see it full size.

To read about the process I took in creating the Survey – read this post

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